Architectural Review Committee

WRITTEN PLANS FOR ANY and ALL CHANGES to the exterior of ANY portion of ANY home (front, back or sides) must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee PRIOR to ANY changes, improvements, removals or placements being made. Fines are imposed for compliance failures. A complete copy of the Shadowood/Wendover Codes and Covenants are available in the Document Library.

Common Neighborhood ARC (Architectural Review Committee) submissions: 
The Architectural Review Committee consists of a few HOA Board members to review requests. The HOA Board assists the ARC in maintaining a positive appearance of the neighborhood.


  1. Tree Removal:

    • To remove a tree in any condition more than 10” in diameter, submit the tree removal form to the ARC committee. There is a $150 fine per healthy tree removal without ARC approval. In addition, if you are planting a tree, approval by the ARC is required. (This does not apply to trimming limbs.)

  2. Storage Facilities: 

    • Pre-fab (Rubbermaid®) storage facilities are allowed if they do not show above the maximum fence height of 8ft. No metal storage facilities of any type are allowed.

    • Custom wood storage facilities that show above fence should have materials that match the resident’s home rooftop.

    • The use of any personal on demand storage (PODS®) unit, or similar unit, must be approved in advance by the ARC. Any approval for use should not exceed 7 consecutive days from placement to removal.

  3. Changes to Lawn Landscape: 

    • Detailed plans/drawings of any changes to your lawn such as driveways, sidewalks, flowerbeds, pool installation, fences, etc. must be submitted to ARC PRIOR to any changes. Minor planting of decorative annuals/perennials of bush REPLACEMENTS do not need prior approval.

  4. Lawn Art:

    • Placement of any fountains, statues, planters, swings, flags or any other permanent or non-permanent fixture(s) to be placed in your front or side lawn must be approved by the ARC. 

  5. Lawn Maintenance:

    • All Homeowners are required to maintain the appearance of their lawn with regular mowing, EDGING, weeding and clean-up of their sidewalk and driveway areas. Grass clippings MUST NOT be left in the gutter areas or on the street. Clippings must be removed on the same day mowing takes place.

    • The HOA Board is authorized, at its discretion, to arrange for the maintenance of any lawn that is not properly maintained by the Homeowner. The Homeowner is responsible for the charges to maintain their lawn, along with a fine imposed by the HOA.

    • Fines for not maintaining lawns: 

      1. A notice will be issued to a resident requesting maintenance of the lawn. 

      2. If after 30 days the lawn has not been maintained, the HOA will have the lawn mowed and impose a $50 fine plus the cost of the lawn mow. 

      3. If a second notice is issued for another 30 day period (60 days in total after contacting the resident), the HOA will have the lawn mowed and impose a $100 fine plus the cost of the lawn mow and the previous fine of $50.

    • Additional guidelines to handling lawn waste: 

      • Limbs must be cut no longer than 5 feet in length and no more than 8 inches in diameter. 

      • In order for lawn waste to be collected on your regular collection day, all debris must be placed in bags or containers, or small bundles along the edge of the road or at the curb with your regular garbage. 

      • Lawn debris is to be stored out of sight until the night prior to or the morning of the garbage collection day. 

      • For large lawn debris, according to the large debris route map, City of Ridgeland offers to pick it up on the first Monday of each month. Resident can place debris within 10 feet of the curb by 7:00 A.M. on the collection day. Once it is placed at the curb, the individual must notify the public works at 601-853-2027 requesting for a pick up.

  6. Satellite Equipment:

    • Placement of satellite equipment should not be visible from the front of the house and preferably from all street angles. In consideration of your neighbors, the most favorable reception site should be a secondary concern.

  7. Exterior Home Repairs: 

    • Any alteration to the exterior appearance of a home needs approval through the ARC committee. This does not include repairing or improving the existing appearance. However, a home repainted or repair not approved by the ARC committee will result in a $150 fine. If the home appearance is found unacceptable, the resident will be asked to return the home to an acceptable appearance.

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