Covenant Enforcement / Fines


A complete copy of the Shadowood/Wendover Codes and Covenants are available on-line on the Documents Tab. This page addresses the most common violations of the Codes & Covenants. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WRITTEN PLANS FOR ANY and ALL CHANGES to the exterior of ANY portion of ANY home (front, back or sides) must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee PRIOR to ANY changes, improvements, removals or placements being made. Fines are imposed for compliance failures. However all fines and enforcement are subject to change by a vote from the HOA Board members.


Listed below are specific situations and fines. Please see the ARC tab for exterior resident appearance guidelines or refer to the Codes and Covenants complete document for more information.

  1. Tree Removal

    • Tree Removal of any tree (s) more than 10" in diameter is prohibited. There is a $150 fine per healthy tree for not seeking HOA approval. In addition, if you are planting a tree, approval by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is required. This does not apply to trimming limbs.

  2. Overnight Street Parking

    • Parking on the streets is strictly prohibited, particularly overnight. Realizing there may be minor exceptions; parking on the street for a lengthy period of time during the daytime is strongly discouraged. After receiving two notices from Home-Land for parking violations, a $25 fine will be issued for the next instance and any more following.

  3. Lawn Maintenance

    • All Homeowners are required to maintain the appearance of their lawn with regular mowing, EDGING, weeding and clean-up of their sidewalk and driveway areas. Grass clippings MUST NOT be left in the gutter areas or on the street. Clippings must be removed on the same day mowing takes place.

    • The HOA Board is authorized, at its discretion, to arrange for the maintenance of any lawn that is not properly maintained by the Homeowner. The Homeowner is responsible for the charges to maintain their lawn, along with a fine imposed by the HOA.

    • Fines for not maintaining lawns:

      1. A notice will be issued to a resident requesting maintenance of the lawn.

      2. If after 30 days the lawn has not been maintained, the HOA will have the lawn mowed and impose a $50 fine plus the cost of the lawn mow.

      3. If a second notice is issued for another 30 day period (60 days in total after contacting the resident), the HOA will have the lawn mowed and impose a $100 fine plus the cost of the lawn mow and the previous fine of $50.

  4. Exterior Home Repairs:

    • Any alteration to the exterior appearance of a home needs approval through the ARC committee. This does not include repairing or improving the existing appearance. However, a home repainted or repair not approved by the ARC committee will result in a $150 fine. If the home appearance is found unacceptable, the resident will be asked to return the home to an acceptable appearance.

  5. Pet Violations:

    • DOGS & CATS are both subject to the City of Ridgeland leash law, which is STRICTLY enforced. Please do not allow your pet to wander unattended. In addition, you are asked to clean up after your pet particularly on walks. Please do not allow your dog to bark for an excessive period of time.

  6. Waste and Recycle Collection:

    • Placing items for garbage collection on the curb SOONER than the night before pickup is not permitted. Garbage pick-up runs twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays; Recycle pick-up runs once a week on Wednesdays only. Please check the lid of your green recycle bin to ensure proper materials are in the container. DO NOT use your green recycle bin as a secondary trash can. Check the City of Ridgeland website for holiday pick-up schedules.

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