THANK YOU to the current board members (listed below) who graciously volunteer many hours of their time to make sure we live in a safe and beautiful neighborhood. Each member takes their position very seriously, and together the decisions they make are based on diligent research to uphold the covenants to the best of their ability. Their goal is to continue to maintain the commonly shared amenities and to enhance the overall property value of each and every home in Shadowood~Wendover.



Shadowood~Wendover HOA Board of Directors:


  1. Jerry Barnes (Pres)        

  2. Melvin Bonds                

  3. Rachel Collier                

  4. Jamie Hanry (VP)          

  5. Karen Kassner (Treas) 

  6. Bobby Khanna              

  7. Roddy Krakos                

  8. Janice Miksad (Sec)     

  9. Carol Stern